IT’S Official

On Tuesday August 16th I finally got a call from my coordinator. She told me that it was official, I am on the list. As of this post it is day number 3 waiting. It is so strange to think that we could receive the call for a donor at any moment day or night. To think I have to be mentally ready to go into surgery with just a few hours of notice at any time, wow. So, I will keep myself as busy as I can at home, getting the house in order, and Bill will continue staying busy at work.

I am getting tired more quickly now. Even more so that in April. This makes me wonder how long it will be before iv medication will be needed. I try not to think about it though. I take each day as it comes. We have lots of things going on right now. We are packing our go bag. This is a bag that we will take to the hospital with us when they call. Bill will have a backpack with devices, chargers ID cards, and other important items. Then we will have a combined bag of things we will need for after I am out of ICU and for Bill when he stays near the hospital.

When we get the call, I will need to pack any last minute essentials, then shower with Hibiclense, which is a pre-surgical soap. Depending on weather, it will take us approximately two hours to get to the hospital. Then we wait around until they are ready to prep me, then we say our goodbyes and off I will go to surgery. They said it will take about 8-10 hours I believe because of the scar tissue from previous surgeries. Then ICU for a few days then about two weeks on the 9th floor for recovery and physical therapy. I will go into more detail at a future time.

For now, we are grateful for all the love, support and prayers from our family and friends. We will continue to count the days and pray for my future donor’s family.


I Don’t Have Syphilis

That’s right folks! I don’t have Syphilis, Herpes, HIV, Hepatitis, Cancer of any type, or Kidney disease. What I do have is a misshaped liver and a gallbladder full of stones. Yes, when you have a transplant evaluation they check all of this and more. I had the pleasure (NOT) of having a pap smear, mammogram, colonoscopy, among other tests and my dentist gave me all positive marks for my teeth. So even though my heart is failing, the rest of my body is ship shape!

Good News

Last week I had my transplant evaluation, my coordinator Tracy told me she would call me in a week and tell me if I had been approved for transplant.What an emotional roller coaster this week has been. The night before he was supposed to call, was a long one. what would happen to me if I wasn’t approved? What if I am approved? How will life change while we wait for a donor heart. I finally had to remind myself that I am not in control and I need to get some sleep.

The next morning we didn’t have to wait long. She called around 9 or 10 to tell me the decision. It was I could do to keep calm and document all the information I was being given. “The committee has approved you for transplant. You will be listed as a status 2.” WOW.

Once I hung up the phone, I literally dropped to my knees and thanked God. Tears flooding from my eyes, I thanked him for yet another opportunity at life. I thanked him for helping get this far and told him I would do everything I can to turn this opportunity into a success. Once, I had a handle on my emotions I skyped with my husband. Trying to keep it together so I could speak legibly, I told him the good news. He also couldn’t hold back his tears of joy either. My whole family is excited for us and nervous at the same time.

I am already thinking of my donor and how it is so ironic that their family’s tragedy will be my family’s celebration. I pray for their comfort.