On with the new year

I was on a little blogging break during the holidays, no worries I am back now and using a new platform! Blogger was such a pain in the rear. Thanksgiving and Christmas were quiet, which was nice. I finally had my gall bladder removed after five years of painful attacks, the recovery was much worse than I thought. My body was so weak and recovery was a slow process. Now I am trying to be a little more active knowing that my body is getting weaker and the transplant surgery is going to kick my ass.  I have a mini peddler I use which is like a bicycle but just the peddles. I am able to do 10 minutes with my legs in the morning and 10 minutes with arms after my nap in the afternoon. I try to do it every other day, most times I have to force myself and sometimes I need to skip altogether.

That brings me to my exhaustion. One of the biggest symptoms of heart failure is fatigue. This is not your average normal fatigue; this is can’t get out of bed, sitting to brush your teeth and getting muscle fatigue after showering kind of fatigue. What causes this horrible fatigue you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. This symptom is because my heart cannot pump enough blood to keep up with the demands of my body, so it diverts blood away from less important muscles and tissues like my limbs and sends it to the heart, brain and kidneys instead. As a result, I am always tired and lack any energy. I sleep approximately 10 hours at night then I usually nap one or twice during the day. If I ignore my body and sleep less then I pay for it for days with even worse fatigue. This blood diversion also cause my limbs to constantly fall asleep, which is rather bothersome but manageable.

I have been waiting for a donor heart almost five months and have decided this year to try to move more even through the fatigue. I think I may have a long wait ahead of me and my body cant afford to get any weaker. with that said, I’m off to peddle.


Be a hero. Be a donor.



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