Autumn is upon on us here in Pennsylvania. The temperatures have turned cooler, the leaves are changing color and floating to the ground. This is my favorite time of year, with winter a close second.

I’ve been on the list almost two months now and I actually feel worse than I did in August. It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride. I have been trying to fight off a head cold for about two weeks or so and at the same time have had fluid over load in my lungs. I have been lucky though, the fluid was only a pound or two and we were able to control it with increased oral lasix. No iv or hospital visit necessary. What a blessing that was.

I seem to be losing my independance a little at a time, acceptance has been difficult. We hired a housekeeper to come in a couple of times a month. I know, most people would think that is great. however, when you are a homemaker, that is your job. When you can no longer do your job, those around you pick up the slack. I know my husband is happy to do so, but he has enough to do around here.

I am back in bed today. Trying to fight this head cold, trying to recharge by batteries. #transplantwaitlist #organdonation


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